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Knee Pain – Causes of Aching Knees

| May 29, 2012

Aching Knees is a problem which is commonly noticed in people who are 45 or older. The disease could be the consequence of certain medical disorder or external factors

Minor cases of this disorder get resolved by simple self-care measures. However, cases that are too severe, are handled by surgeries. The pain associated with this condition may differ depending on the area of the knee which was affected.

 Causes of Aching Knees

Direct blow on the knee resulting from sports or accident, repeated use of the knees and sudden or violent turning, stopping, awkward landings, pivoting are the common factors which could result in aching knees. Aging, osteoarthritis (chronic breakdown of cartilage in the joints; the most prevalent form of arthritis occurring usually after middle age), gout and infection as well as other medical conditions are often responsible for causing the condition. In young people, anterior knee pain is thought to be a common cause of aching knees. For some people, aching knees after running, jumping on hard surfaces, running up and down stairs, is a typical incident. This may occur whenever you haven’t exercised for a long time and you suddenly start an excessive amount of activity. This puts a lot of pressure on the knee muscles,bones and also this is followed by aching knees.

Aching Knees Treatment

Rest is something that is required for treating virtually all types of illnesses. Resting helps your body to heal itself which will help prevent further damage. Using ice parks above the aching knees will help alleviate the pain and lower inflammation. It is recommended that this ice therapy must be carried on around 20 minutes. Leaving the ice on the skin for the very long time might damage the nerves and skin.

Using lightweight, breathable and self-adhesive compression bandages is also good for treatment of aching knees. They prevent fluid buildup within the affected tissues minimizing the severity of the disease. While using such bandages, make sure it’s not so tight to allow blood circulation. when sleeping, keep your legs in a position which is above the level of your heart. Using this method reduces aching knees and legs by preventing swelling. People who also suffer from aching knees and hips, can stick to this same methods because this is very beneficial to the hips apart from other exercise. Alternatively you can visit your doctor, there are many procedures which includes arthroscopic surgery, partial knee replacement surgery and total knee replacement, which the doctor can perform when the case is severe.


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