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Acupuncture And Pregnancy Treatment

| July 25, 2012

Even though pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time in a woman’s life, there are so many changes taking place in her body. Spiking hormone levels and other changes that are taking place lead to pregnant women experiencing a variety of pregnancy related issues such as soreness, back pain, nausea and also fatigue. These issues can be easily alleviated with the use of acupuncture, as it is a safe and natural treatment.

Research has brought to light that women who undergo acupuncture during their pregnancy have an easier time during labor, compared to women who have not undergone acupuncture, as their labor time was shorter. Acupuncture during pregnancy can also be used to treat other problems that occur such as constipation, anemia and insomnia.

A study done in 2002, by the University of Adelaide, Australia, found that acupuncture is safe to be carried out on pregnant women as long as it is done by a trained specialist. This is due to the fact that certain parts of a pregnant woman’s body should not be stimulated with acupuncture as this may lead to uterine contractions. A trained acupuncturist will know which parts to avoid.

The earlier the acupuncture is started in the pregnancy the better. Acupuncture has also been known as a form of treatment to avoid miscarriages during the first trimester, especially if it is carried out once a week.

During the second trimester, acupuncture for pregnancy treatment depends on how often the woman needs treatments and the various ailments that need to be taken care of.

The third trimester of pregnancy means that the acupuncture will need to be focused on helping to make the delivery a short and uncomplicated as possible.

After delivery, it is not uncommon for women to turn to acupuncture to help to aid in their recovery. Acupuncture can help them to heal and get back to normal faster and therefore is a great natural option for women.


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