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Acupuncture For Cosmetic Procedures

| July 22, 2012

Acupuncture is a part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine that nowadays is used not only for killing pain but also for cosmetic surgeries such as rejuvenation. It is not a surprise, of course, that is most popular among celebrities and women. Does it work?

Some people, who claim that it helps, say that the inserted needles stimulate the production of collagen that helps for clearing up wrinkles. Others say it helps for reducing stress level by relaxing the facial muscles. The face is relaxed so it clears up.

The opponents of acupuncture that people who believe in it think it works because they believe so. Everything goes down to people personal opinion about it. But if you want to try acupuncture you have to make sure you visit a licensed acupuncturist.

If we do not bother to think whether it works, acupuncture is the safest way to try rejuvenation. It is not only safe and natural, but also painless. Unlike the Botox there are no chemicals going into the body or any surgeries or side effects. Well, yes, this type of treatment has its flaw, which is that it is pricey.

The licensed acupuncturist will recommend about ten sessions and will give you a free consult. Each session costs hundreds of dollars and there is a yearly maintenance that has a certain fee. The procedure also takes more time than an hour. Therefore if you want a cosmetic procedure the safest way is acupuncture.

Alternative methods for rejuvenation such as acupuncture continue to develop every day. Treatments vary from proven to unproven ones but the interest in them grows especially when traditional medicine fails.


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