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Acupuncture For Weight Loss

| July 16, 2012

Regular methods are less and less popular nowadays. The one thing that is really starting to “get in” into our lives is acupuncture and its better results in this area. What many people have problems with is not only losing weight but also remaining thin for longer time.

If we lose weight thanks to diets or workouts, we get it all back in a while and it is not pleasant at all. Becoming thin is not an easy job and once you have gained a few extra pounds, it is inevitable that you will start searching for a way to get rid of it. And sooner or later you will “bump” into acupuncture.  But do people in need really know what acupuncture is?

Acupuncture is a 5000 years old medical treatment in Eastern medicine. It consists of small needles that are being inserted into certain points of the human’s body that are blocked. These points are called meridians. Acupuncture has been used in a program in Chinese medicine that studies the processes going on inside every one of us.

In this program acupuncture is combined with Eastern philosophies and theories. It is also used to decrease pain when suffering an allergy. If you need acupuncture in order to lose weight, on the other hand, it is really close to hypnosis. When the patient’s mind is relaxed, the energy could flow easily.

 How does acupuncture stimulate the loss of weight?

 When you practice acupuncture in order to lose weight you should know that it is not really different from acupuncture for other functions. Needles are inserted in certain points (meridians) of your body that encourages patient’s mind to relax and their body to release endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals the body produces whenever it feels good and it is said to decrease the level of insulin, which means that the body would contain less fat. People who perform believe that needle, if place carefully, decreases the appetite and increases metabolism fastness.

 What are the pluses if we use acupuncture for weight loss?

The one positive thing that differs acupuncture from other methods for losing weight is its totally harmless and natural treatment. It does not include drugs or any kind of internal interventions, which means that your body does not get addicted to medicaments.

 How long does the result of acupuncture go on?

It is not a surprise that this depends on the person. It is never harmful to follow some kind of schedule in order to keep your figure slim. The treatment process may also need to be repeated and if you are an individual who is seeking for help-psychological evaluation may be necessary, too. If following a proper plan, there is no doubt – you can not only lose weight, but also remain thin.


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