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Anterior Knee Pain

| May 29, 2012

Anterior knee pain is a pain associated with the front part of the knee. Knee pain is one of the common conditions that affect the knee joint. Depending on the particular pain position, it might be anterior, posterior, medial and side knee pain. Anterior Knee is generally known as the runner’s knee.

Anterior Knee Pain Syndrome

Anterior knee pain syndrome is a sickness that affects sportspersons and regular exercisers. Someone having this syndrome will experience pain in, and round the kneecap after walking on slopes (either uphill or downhill), sitting for long periods and while jogging. The exact cause of this knee problem is not known. However, sports medicine practitioners are of the opinion that anterior pain syndrome is triggered by overuse of the joint, weakened muscles, flat feet, unhealthy weight and increased intensity of exercises.

Causes and Symptoms of Anterior Knee Pain

The main causes of anterior knee pain are inflammation in the tendons inside knee area (called tendinitis) and pulled muscles (especially hamstrings and quadriceps). In sportspeople, the main anterior knee pain causes are patellar tendinopathy and patellofemoral syndrome. Even though the former case is triggered by jumping and landing activities, aforementioned case is connected with running downhill and cross country running. Also, localized knee pain is a notable manifestation of dislocated kneecap, physical trauma to kneecap and arthritis.

From the name ‘runner’s knee’ it means that anterior knee pain occurs frequently amongst runners. The noticeable anterior knee pain symptoms are swelling, popping (or alike sound) and tenderness of the affected area. Patients often complain of exacerbated anterior knee pain when bending and after prolonged sitting. From time to time, sharp knee pain occurs during standing, which causes any person to stumble or slip.

Treatment for Anterior Knee Pain

The primary treatment approach for anterior knee pain is proper rest. This lets the affected tissues to heal and recover slowly. Deep knee bending, and performing any activities that involve knee joint, are strictly not suggested. For instant knee pain relief, applying ice is a good remedy. It also aids in reducing swelling and inflammation.
The sufferer should stay away from regular exercise or sport activities, until affected knee recovers fully. In order to prevent anterior knee pain, a sportsperson or regular exerciser should follow correct methods of exercises. Starting from warm up activities certainly are a must before high intensity exercises and again, they should be followed with stretching and some cool off exercises.


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