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Canine Acupuncture

| June 25, 2012

Canine acupuncture is a form of the ancient art acupuncture that is used to treat dogs. Acupuncture dates back to many centuries of treatment in China and was practiced on dogs. It was even found that there was a positive difference in lame horses that were treated with acupuncture.

Canine acupuncture is now a popular form of treatment for dogs as it helps the dog to recover from its illness or problems faster than other forms of treatment. Veterinary acupuncturists a re able to treat a multitude of diseases using canine acupuncture, such as depression, weight and gastrointestinal problems, muscle pain and much more.

Dogs can be treated solely with canine acupuncture or it can be combined with another form of treatment. Dogs usually relax once the needles are inserted and do not feel any pain. Canine acupuncture works to stimulate the flow of blood and energy around the dog’s body, thereby helping it to heal faster.

The number of sessions a dog would require would depend on the type of problem the dog has. Each case is individual and will be tailored to suit the dog’s needs to ensure that the dog gets the best treatment and recovers quickly.


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