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Causes of Groin Pain in Pregnancy

| June 3, 2012

Groin pain in pregnancy occur due to different changes in body structure and hormones. Pregnancy brings about a lot of changes and some of these changes can trigger discomfort and different types of pain in the body. Groin pain is one of the results of these changes, it comes as a sharp pain lasting for a few seconds and is also felt when changing the body to a different position. However, this is a minor and normal condition for an expecting mother.

Causes of Groin Pain in Pregnancy

The main cause of groin pain in pregnancy is hormonal changes,  during pregnancy there is an increase in the pregnancy hormone like progesterone and relaxin in order to prepare the body for childbirth. An increase in these pregnancy hormones, loosen up the muscles and tissues supporting the joints which gives rise to groin pain. The round ligaments connecting to the groin, which surrounds and give supports to the uterus, becomes overstretched due to the expanding uterus. The entire body structure changes due to the growing fetus and this increases the body weight, which puts pressure on the lower abdominal area, thereby causing pain in the groin and lower back.

Managing Groin Pain in Pregnancy

Maintain Correct Posture – always try to maintain a correct posture when standing, tuck in your hips and pelvis, hold your head up and don’t stoop down your shoulder. Try not to stand for long and when sitting slightly elevated your legs, when bending down or lowering your body, bend your knee and not your hips.

Limit your activities – always limit your daily activities by not getting invloved in too many physical activites, which can aggravated the groin pain.

Go for A Massage – prenatal massage is very effective in relieving groin pain during pregnancy, by loosening tensed muscles, thereby relieving the pain.

Apply Heat – apply heating pads or warm compresses on the painful joint, alternatively you can immerse yourself in a bathtub, filled with warm water which have been mixed with sea salts and lavender oil.

Exercise – you can do some pregnancy exercises, which can make the muscles stronger and flexible.

Relieve the Pressure – try to relax by lying down on the side with your hips and knees bent, place one pillow between the knees and another under the belly. This is a good way to ease a lot of pressure from the groin region. Whenever you feel a sudden sharp groin pain, it is important to stop whatever you’re doing and sit down to take a rest until the pain subsides.


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