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Causes of Jaw Pain

| June 12, 2012

Most people have experienced jaw pain once or more times in their life and they can testify that it’s a very unpleasant situation. The majority of us already knows most of the factors that creates jaw pain when it a dental issue and ways to take care of the problem. However, there are other factors which can cause jaw pain that are not related to dental problems, these other factors that cause jaw pain should not be ignored, it equally needs to be treated and cured to relieve the jaw pain.

Causes of Jaw Pain

The causes of jaw pain have been divided into two categories; the primary and secondary causes.

Primary Causes

Primary jaw pain is triggered by factors affecting the jaw or the jaw bone like an injury in the jaw when engaging in sporting activities like soccer or just by an accident. Primary jaw pain could also arise after wisdom tooth extraction or any tooth extraction. At times, bacterial infections are formed in jaw and this can also lead primary causes of jaw pain. Likewise, all sorts of dental factors and issues such as cavities, pulled out tooth and enamel damage are generally viewed as primary causes of jaw pain. These normally generate pain on one side of the jaw, where the decaying tooth is located or where there’s an infection. Patients who just had oral surgery might feel jaw pain too, as this is one of the causes of primary jaw pain. Other causes of jaw pain include Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ), outgrowth of bones, gingivitis, gum infections, packed wisdom tooth, and bone spurs.

Secondary Causes

Secondary causes are referred pain cause by problem from other parts of the body. When this occurs, it means that you need to treat the problem causing the pain in order to get rid of the jaw pain. Some of these secondary causes includes sinus infections and ear infections due to the fact that it comes with a lot of pressure, which makes it to be reflected on the jaw too. Migraines can also cause jaw pain due to the fact that the pain that comes with it can be very intense, making the person to clench his/her teeth most times to relieve the pain. Another factor that causes jaw pain is swollen glands in the neck region.

 Treatment for Jaw Pain

Treatment for several jaw pain is given by several specialists. If the jaw pain is related to or is directly associated to the jaw, a dentist or an ENT surgeon is required. Most people experience lower jaw pain due to this reasons and the treatment solely depends on what precisely caused the pain but if the pain is caused by any of the secondary causes, a specialist in that particular field will be required.


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