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Causes of Sore Jaw Bone

| June 17, 2012

Sore jaw on one side or either side is definitely annoying and above all, an unpleasant condition to cope with. What causes sore jaw are usually TMJ disorder, bruxism, physical trauma and infection. The jaw bone is area of the skull, that is responsible for holding teeth and outlining the mouth. Since jaw is associated with several activities, it’s a intended target for inflammation, injury and also other health conditions. Sore jaw and stiff jaw affect everything that is associated with the jaw line, from opening mouth to talking, chewing and also, yawning.

 Causes of Sore Jaw Bone

Roughly Thirty Percent of the population have suffered jaw joint disorder sometime. The actual condition of sore jaw and/or jaw pain might be mild, which resolve independently without further medical complications. Or, it might be some serious underlying diseases, which require prompt treatment.
TMJ Disorder

Medically, the jaw joint is called temporomandibular joint. It is just a complex structure, followed by muscles, ligaments and tendons to allow  proper movement. Temporomandibular disorder occurs when there is any abnormalities within the jaw joint that impairs its normal function, which sore jaw is but one condition.

Jaw Injury or Trauma

When there is soreness and inflammation of any part of the body, it means there a trauma towards the particular area. This also applies to sore jaw, tightness in jaw and other jaw problems. Soreness within the jaw may be caused on account of hard blow, physical trauma and trauma to the jaw line, advances to the associated bone, joint and muscles.


Bruxism is a disorder related to constant teeth clenching and grinding. Typically, the signs and symptoms of bruxism are clearly seen during night time. When there is an overuse of the jaw bone or excessive stressing of it , it might worsen the condition thereby causing soreness inside the jaw bone, muscle and jaw bone pain.

Jaw Bone Infection

Poor oral hygiene is a major reason for jaw bone infection and the symptoms associated with this includes swelling, soreness, inflammation, pain, numbness, unusual drainage from gum and fever. Sore jaw caused due to infection needs to be treated immediately, to avoid the infection spreading to other parts.


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