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Causes of Sternum Pain

| May 22, 2012

Sternum pain can be caused by an injury or trauma which is not necessarily related to the heart. The sternum is also known as the chest or breast bone and the pain associated with it, is either chronic or acute. This pain is characterized with a clicking or cracking sensation in the sternal bone.

Causes of Sternum Pain

Sternum pain is associated as one of the symptoms of chest pain but entirely different from cardiac problems. Some of the causes of sternum pain includes


This is an inflammation in the cartilage of the ribcage due to an injury or trauma. This condition is also known as chest wall inflammatory disease and also a major cause of sternum pain.

Trauma affecting the Collarbone

Collarbone can be found at the top region of the chest, in between the sternum and shoulder blade. Any trauma or injury on the collarbone can cause pain in the sternum. This truama or injury could occur during child birth or by accident.

Fractures of the sternum

Any fracture on the sternum can cause severe pain, this can be due to a heavy hit directly on the sternum, a physical trauma or an accident.

Injury in the sternoclavicular joint

This is the what connects the sternum to the collarbone, any physical trauma or injury on this joint can cause severe sternum pain. This injury can be in form of a dislocation.

Other causes of sternum pain

There are other health conditions that can cause sternum pain. It could be a post surgical symptom after a heart surgery , an effect from over straining your muscles, over exercising, injured rib, breast cancer and bone cancer. A mass formation in the sternal area could also cause severe pain especially when accompanied by diseases like chondrosarcoma or lymphoma.

Treatment of Sternum Pain

There are different treatment options available for sternum pain, however the treatment of any particular sternum pain depends on the particular cause, some of these treatment options includes medications like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), corticosteroids, pain relievers for mild sternum pain and getting enough rest to allow the healing process to take effect.

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