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Chest Pain Diagnosis

| May 22, 2012

Chest pain is that feeling of pain or tightness experienced in the chest region, both right and left. There are many medical conditions, which can cause one to have chest pain. This pain could be acute or chronic, especailly when a patient is suffering from a cardiovascular disease or it could be minor when it’s a non-cardiovascular disease. However, minor chest pain can become quite acute or chronic if neglected.

Differential diagnosis of chest pain

Chest pain is an indication of various health disorders, which is either acute, chronic or minor. Below is a list some causes of chest pain.

Cardiovascular diseases

These are diseases which are related to the heart and normally cause chest pain on the left side of the chest. This type of health condition is normally termed “acute or chronic” and is taken very seriously. Some of this includes heart attacks, angina, coronary heart disease, aortic dissection, cardiac arrhythmia.

Pulmonary diseases

This is normally a respiratory or lung infection. The chest pain is mostly a minor case unless stated otherwise. This type of chest pain is normally treated with the use of antibiotics. Some of the causes include pulmonary embolism, pleurisy, pneumothorax, pneumonia, hemothorax.

Mental illness

Mental problem like stress and anxiety can cause chest pain for an individual, especially someone who engages in a lot of stress causing factors. However, in our society today, these factors cannot be avoided and this type of stress cannot by diagnosed using the normal medical test and examination. Some of the causes of this includes panic attack, anxiety disorder, hypochondriasis, depression, cardiac psychosis

Gastrointestinal disease

This type of health disorder is always a case of bad eating habits and the chest pain associated with it, is always a minor one. Most time, this disease corrects itself in couple of hours and some require the use of antacids while others just a need special diet. Some of the causes of this health disorders includes GERD(Gastroesophageal reflux disease), esophageal rupture, functional dyspepsia, peptic ulcers, acid reflux disease.

Chest wall disease

This is caused by an injury or trauma in the rib cage or cartilage, thereby leading to an inflammation of the chest wall, which causes chest pain. This type of disorder sometimes heals itself in two to three weeks, however anti-inflammatory drugs is administered to help with the healing process. Some of the causes of this includes chest wall inflammation, tuberculosis, costochondritis, shingles, fibromyalgia

Other diseases

There are other general health problems, which can cause chest pain. This includes abdominal pain, gallbladder diseases, pancreas problem, hyperventilation syndrome, sarcoidosis disease, lead or carbon monoxide poisioning, cancer, broken or bruised rib, hiatal hernia, achalasia, pinched nerve, asthma.

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