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Chinese Or Japanese Needles For Acupuncture

| July 18, 2012

The one medicine method that requires inserting needles into human’s body is called acupuncture. There are lots of opinions about acupuncture but they are not nearly as much as the types of needles that are used with it. The best are the needles made by stainless steel that are incredibly fine and strong.

There is an old argument about Japanese and Chinese needles and which ones are doing better in acupuncture. The Chinese needle is not as this and fine as the Japanese needle. Everything else is just the same.

This argument has started many years ago. Some people do not consider arguing the best policy and they make sure to have in stock all kinds of needles. Another big difference between the two types of needles is the depth of insertion. Chinese people think – the deeper the needles goes, the better, while Japanese acupuncturists do not believe in this and do not insert the needles as deep.

It is known for a fact that acupuncture originated in China but it is said that Japanese acupuncturists have brought it really close to perfection. Japanese practitioners believe that less is more and they insert into human’s body just enough needles.  But on the other hand, Chinese people have been practicing acupuncture for centuries. The debate which needle is the best one has not come to an end, yet. It is because there is a difference between acupuncture techniques and acupuncture needles.

So, in conclusion, keep using the needle that you are using, only this way you can improve yourself as an individual, not a part of some traditional medicine.


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