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Ear Drops for Pain

| May 24, 2012

Ear pain can be quite annoying and discomforting, especially one that makes you inactive and unable to carry out daily routine. It comes as a mild or extreme pain which can affect both kids and adults, although is more common in children. It can be caused due to different medical problems which are related to the ear or other parts of the body connected to the ear. some of the effective ear drops for relieving earache are discussed below.

Causes of Ear Pain

There are different causes of ear pain like blockage in the eustachian tubes; the tube which connects the inner ear to the throat and equalizes the pressure between the eardrum, infection of the external ear, middle ear or the ear canal due to bacteria, accumulation of ear wax, sinus infection and common cold, jaw disorder affecting the ear nerves, dental disorder, teeth eruption in children, physical trauma in the ear and changes in pressure when scuba diving or taking a flight.

Ear Drops for Pain

Not all ear pain can be treated with ear drops, Ear drops are effective for mainly earache caused due to excess ear wax because it will soften the wax, thereby opening the blocked ear. For earache caused by infection, there are medications and antibiotics that can be taken to cure the ear pain

Over-the-counter Ear Drops

There are over-the-counter and garlic oil ear drops, which can be used to treat mild cases of earache. Antiseptic ear drops can be used for earache caused by mild infection, homeopathic ear drops can be used to relieve pain, they also contain active ingredients which can cure the ear problem.

Prescription Ear Drops

There are effective ear drops which the doctor can prescribe like antibiotic drops with or without steroid and maybe with therapeutic procedures, otic solution with antipyrine and benzocaine; this is very effective for treating swelling and pain in the ear caused by infection. There are other good ear drops which can be recommended like Cortisporin, A/B Otic, Ciprodex, Auralgan, Otocalm, Antiben and Auroto.


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