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Ear Pain After Swiming

| May 25, 2012

Ear pain after swimming which is popularly known as swimmers ear, originates when water is trapped in side the ear canal, causing bacteria to mutiply, which in turn leads to infection in the ear canal. This is called Otitis externa in medical terms and swimming in polluted water, lakes, pond, rivers, where the causative micro-organisms of otitis externa leaves, can give rise to ear pain after swimming. Another cause of otitis externa is cuts made by sharp object or rupture of the ear drum which gives way for bacteria to enter and cause infection.

Symptoms of Ear Pain After Swimming

Common causes of otitis externa includes itching, enlargement of the lymph nodes around the ear, swelling of the ear canal, signs of pus in the ear, fever, difficulty in hearing, swelling and redness of the ear, pain in the ear when pulled or tugged.

Prevention of Ear Pain After Swimming

Drying the ear after swimming can help prevent otitis externa. For fluilds already trapped inside the ear, the person can apply few drops of alcohol based ear drops or distilled vinegar to dry up the ear canal. This can also help to prevent the growth of bacteria or fungus due to its slightly acidic qualities. However, if the person is already suffering from pain in the ear, there’s no need to apply alcohol or vinegar into the ear as this can worsen the pain. The alcohol or vinegar is for preventive purposes only.

Treatment for Ear Pain After Swimming

There are effective ear drops that can be administered like antiobiotic or corticosteroids containing ear drops, which can be very effective in relieving and healing earache. However, before administering any treatment option, your doctor should be visited to determine the actual cause of the ear problem and the right treatment option to follow.


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