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Fibromyalgia And Acupuncture

| August 7, 2012

People suffering from a combination of depression, chronic pain in a variety of areas and insomnia as well are known to be victims of fibromyalgia. This misunderstood disease was first though to be something of a psychiatric disorder that was only in the patients mind but is now recognized as an illness that people suffer through. A natural, drug free option to treat this illness is acupuncture, usually combined with Chinese herbs.

Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is usually associated with constant pain and fatigue. This disease is not to be confused with chronic fatigue syndrome, as there are a variety of other symptoms that are also a manifestation of this illness. For example, some of the symptoms include pain all over the body, muscle aches, anxiety, nausea, skin problems, poor memory, mood swings, muscle aches and weight gain.

FMS does not have any laboratory testing that can be carried out to diagnose it. Instead there are designated 18 spots in the body and if a patient feels pain in at least 11 of these spots then they are diagnose with Fibromyalgia, even if the majority of symptoms aren’t present, simply chronic pain and fatigue are enough to confirm the diagnosis.

Acupuncture for fibromyalgia is one of the best forms of treatment. A combination of acupuncture and cupping are used and the type of treatment will be determined by the patient’s symptoms and ailments. Therefore fibromyalgia acupuncture is a treatment that varies between patients as it is designed to meet each individuals needs. Usually herbs are combined into the treatment as well.

Treatment for Fibromyalgia with acupuncture helps to treat the patient through a natural non-invasive process. You will need to meet an acupuncturist and discuss your ailments and then get a treatment that has been designed to suit you and work on eradicating your ailments.


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