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Groin Pain from A Pulled Groin Muscle

| June 1, 2012

Groin pain occur from a tear or strain in one of the adductor muscles, there are muscles found in the groin area, they run from the inner thighs to the inner side of the knee and are responsible for movement of the legs  and giving stablity to the pelvic region.

This strain or pull on the groin muscles occurs from constant over use, stress or rapid movement, which builds up pressure on the adductor muscles and finally causing them to strain or pull beyond its limits. This is accompanied by swelling or tenderness of the small fibers and ofcourse groin pain. This is common in athletes and sportspeople, it’s usually triggered by insufficient warm up exercises.

Symptoms of Pulled Groin Muscle

Symptoms of pulled groin muscle includes tenderness and stiffness in the groin region and muscle pain which could be sudden and acute. There are also signs of swelling and bruising on the affected area which becomes painful when touched, thereby restricting your movements or stretching of the inner thighs. This condition creates weakness of the abbuctor muscles.

Diagnosing a Groin Pull

The diagnosis is based on medical records or history, physical activites indulged, injury and symptoms. The groin pain is graded into three based on the severity of injury and degree of pain generated.

Grade One

This is a caused by over stretching or little tearing of the muscle fibers. This causes mild groin pain and there is no limits to physical activity or permanent disability.

Grade Two

This occurs when there is partial tearing of the muscles fibers which causes discomfort and also limits your physical activites. There are also sign of swelling in the affected area.

Grade Three

This is a complete and total tearing of the muscle fibers resulting to severe or extreme pain, this condition is accompanied by muscle spasm, swelling and bruising, pain when walking and also in the groin region.

 Treatment of Pulled Groin Muscles

Treatment is administered by a method called R.I.C.E, this means rest, ice, compression and elevation. You can also visit a therapist for therapeutic massages which can help the healing process and use prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs if there are signs of inflammation.



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