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Groin Pain Symptoms

| June 4, 2012

groin pain symptoms have been experienced by both men and women, especially athletes, sportspeople and pregnant women. Groin is the area that links the abdomen and the legs, any injury or strain in this area causes groin pain. Any problem on the hips also reflects pain in the groin area.

Groin Pain Symptoms

Groin pain symptoms is divide into three according to the degree of pain and severity of the condition;

Grade one is when there is a little tear or strain in the groin muscles, which causes mild discomfort but doesn’t limit your physical activities. Pain is felt when running, walking and rapid movements.

Grade two is when there is a moderate tear in the groin muscles, which causes moderate discomfort and also limits your physical activites. There are signs of swelling and bruising on the affected area.

Grade three is when there is a complete and total tear or strain of the groin muscles, which causes severe pain and discomfort. It causes a temporary disability by making you unable to perform even the most simple task like picking up a pencil. There are signs of swelling or inflammation and bruising.

Groin pain symptoms in pregnant women can be quite different from all this, because is occurs due to hormonal changes in the body. The pregnancy hormones like progesterone and relaxin increases during pregnancy, which loosens the muscles and hip joints to prepare the body for child birth. All these changes result to groin pain.

Hernia Groin Pain Symptoms

Hernia is a common cause of groin pain in men, this occurs due to a bulge or protrusion of a part of the abdominal structures due to a perforation in the abdominal wall. This bulge develops in the abdomen near the groin and as it increases it becomes tender when touched and very uncomfortable. This condition also results to groin pain.


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