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Groin Pull Treatment

| June 4, 2012

Groin pull is quite discomforting, it occurs due to a tear or pull of the groin muscles known as the adductor muscles. This causes an intense pain in the groin region when it occurs. It is quite common among athletes, sportspeople due to their strenuous lifestyle. The groin muscles is made up of five adductor muscles, which runs between the lower abdomen and begining of the inner thighs, any problem or truama affecting this area leads to pain in the groin and lower back.

Causes of Groin Pull

The main cause of groin pull is tear or strain on one or more of the adductor muscles. The adductor muscles is responsible for the movement of the legs and giving stability to the hips. When there is a sudden or jerky movement, insufficient warm up exercises, it can put pressure on these muscles which in turn causes them to strain or tear. Another cause of groin pull is repetitive or over use of the groin muscles.

Groin pull symptoms

The groin pull symptoms are divided into three, based of the degree of the pull and severity of the condition.

Grade 1 – this is a little strain or tear in the muscles which does not affect your daily activities, there is little discomfort and the affected area feels tender to touch. There is pain felt while running, walking or rapid movements.

Grade 2 – this is a moderate strain or tear in the muscles which causes pain when carrying out strenous activites, there are signs of swelling and bruising on the affected area. Pain can be felt when stretching your legs.

Grade 3 – this is a complete strain or tear in the muscles which causes extreme or intense pain, even when you try to do a simple thing like lifting a cup, there are signs of swelling all over the inner thighs, bruising or inflammation, small lump around the torn muscles and inability to contract thigh muscles.

Groin Pull Treatment

It’s better to visit your doctor in order to give you the best treament option for your condition, the doctor could take x-rays, physical examination and check the severity of your condition. You can also engage yourself in some stretching exercise which will help relieve the muscles by making it more flexible, use ice parks on the affected area to soothe the pain and prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce internal swelling or inflammation. This is most effective if it’s a grade 1 symptom, other than that it’s better to visit your doctor.


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