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Groin Strain Recovery Time

| May 29, 2012

The groin strain recovery time depend on the degree of the strain and severity of the condition. Groin strain is as a result of injury, strain or tear affecting the groin muscles which is made up of 5 adductor muscles. These muscles run from the inner pelvis to the inner thighs giving support to the hips and aids in pulling together of the legs.

Causes and Symptoms of Groin Strain

One of the causes of groin strain is contraction of the groin muscles when stretched due to rapid movement, Insufficient warm up exercises prior to strenuous exercises. The symptoms of groin strain includes sudden sharp pain felt in the groin region, limitation of the movement of thigh muscles, signs of swelling or inflammation and bruising, pain felt when walking, running and in rapid movement, difficulty in walking and running, a feeling of pain when pulling your legs together, limited physical activities.

Groin Strain Recovery Period

There are three degree of groin strain and the recovery period depends on the degree of the strain and severity.

First Degree Strain Recovery Time

In the first degree strain, there is a little tear in the adductor muscle and a mild discomfort is felt. Pain is felt when running or walking and during rapid or sudden movement, this does not limit your physical activities nor create any physical disablities. The recovery time is from 2 — 10 days.

Second Degree Strain Recovery Time

In the second degree strain, there is a moderate tear on the adductor muscles and more discomfort is felt, this hinders your physical activities and there are signs of swelling and bruising in the inner thighs. Pain are felt when stretching your leg or carrying out strenuous activities. The recovery time is up to 6 weeks.

Third Degree Strain Recovery Time

In the third degree strain, there is a complete tear and strain of the adductor muscles, which causes extreme and intense pain when trying to do any activity, even the very simple ones like picking something up. There are signs of swelling, bruising all over the inner thighs, small lumps on the torn muscles. The recovery time is up to 2 months.

Rest, physiotherapy and prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs are recommend for effective management of groin strain and for fast recovery.


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