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Groin Strain Treatment

| May 29, 2012

Since groin strain is a common injury among athletes, groin strain treatment have become very imperative to athletes or sportspeople. Groin strain occurs as a result of a strained or pulled adductor muscles due to an injury or physical trauma. There are five addutor muscles which starts from the pelvis region and runs down the inner thighs. They ensure proper movement and stability. Groin strain is divided into three grades depending on the severity. Grade 1 strain is a minor tear and does not limit your physical activity, grade 2 is a moderate tear and is substantial, it limits your physical activites and show signs of swelling and bruising, grade 3 involves large tearing of the muscles which might require surgery and totally hinders performance of any activity or task, even very simple ones.

Groin Strain Symptoms

The symptoms depends on the grade of the strain.

Grade 1 Symptoms

Groin pain are felt when and after performing activities like running, walking and during rapid or sudden movement. Cramps are also felt on the affected area after physical activities.

Grade 2 Symptoms

Pain are felt during strenuous exercises, physical activities and when stretching your leg for long. The affected area is swollen and bruised. Groin pain is also felt.

Grade 3 Symptoms

Extreme pain is felt in the groin area, physical activity is hindered even performing simple task is virtually impossible, there are signs of swelling, bruising all over the inner thighs, small lump develops on the torn muscles, affected area feels tender to touch.

Groin Strain Treatment

Rest – resting is of vital importance to the healing process, it helps the muscle to relax and relieve it of pressure, which can speed up the recovery process. It also help to avoid aggravating the condition.

Ice Therapy – apply ice park on the affected area for 48 hours allowing it to stay up to 20 mins each time, this will constrict the blood vessel decreasing the swelling.

Compression – wearing compression shorts helps block the pain and reduce the swelling, this will relieve you from the groin strain.

Elevation –keeping the affect area slightly elevated all the time will help relieve the pain. These four methods is known as R.I.C.E.

You can also engage the services of a physiotherapist to give therapeutic massages, these are all effective for grade 1 and 2 strain, for grade 3 strain, surgery might be required, so it’s advisable to visit a doctor.



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