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Groin Stretches

| June 7, 2012

Groin stretches is of vital importance for someone suffering groin strain. The groin strain is as a result of an injury on the groin muscles, which is made up of five adductor muscles. These muscles are responsible for pulling the leg together and movement of the hip joints. Groin strain usually occurs among athletes and sportspeople.

Groin Stretching Exercises

When there is a groin strain it could hinder physical activities and can be quite uncomfortable, there is a treatment method known as R.I.C.E (rest, ice therapy, compression and elevation), which is very effective in managing the strain. There are also light stretching exercise which help make the torn muscles stronger and more flexible, thereby speeding up the healing process. Below are some of these stretching exercises.

Exercise 1

Sitting on your knee, stretch both thighs as far as possible while kneeling, support your body with your palm placed on the floor, then rest completely by touching the forearms on the floor. Stay in this position for 15 seconds, repeat up to 10 times and try increasing it as you feel more comfortable. Make sure your not hurting yourself with this stretch.

Exercise 2

Sitting in a lounge position on the floor, bend both legs so that the left foot and right knee are on the floor. Keep your back straight and make sure the left leg is in a right angle with the floor, try stretching your right groin, increase the stretch by leaning more forward. Stay in the position for 10 seconds, then wait few seconds and switch leg position. If it hurt at any time, stop and come back to normal position

Exercise 3

Standing straight on the floor, move the legs as far apart as possible, moving the right toes slightly towards the right, bend the knee and hold the right thigh with your arm for support, then hold this posture for 15 seconds. This stretches the left groin. Relax for 3 seconds and perform this on the left leg to stretch the right groin.


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