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Home Remedies For Earache

| May 23, 2012

Earache occurs when there is a bacteria build up or infection in the middle ear due to micro-organsims or germs. There are other ear related problems which can cause earache like trapped fluid after bathing or swimming, allergies, cleaning your ear with cotton bud, eustachian tube disorder and plugging. All these can be said to be a primary cause of earache, there is also a referred earache which occurs when the main cause of the ear pain is not related to the ear but from another part of the body like sore throat, the throat is connect to the ear and a strep throat can cause pain on the ear and when swallowing.

Home Remedies For Earache

  • Crush some garlic cloves and mix with olive oil, then allow the mixture to settle for two days, heat it up and apply when warm into the affected ear, cover the ear with a cotton wool and leave it for 20 mins before rinsing off. Apply this three times or more daily.
  • Extract some fresh peppermint juice by grinding it, then apply to the ear using a cotton wool.
  • Apply three drops of hydrogen peroxide into the ear, leave for 10 mins, then drain out and rinse with warm water. This helps to remove excess wax build up in the ear.
  • Mix one part of bishop’s weed oil to three parts of sesame oil, heat it up and apply four drops into the affected ear when warm, leave it for 10 mins, then rinse off with warm water.
  • For earache caused by trapped fluid, apply heating pads or warm compress on the affect ear. You can apply mineral oil into the ear as a preventive measure before swimming or ear plugs.
  • Heating pads or warm compresses are not just used for trapped fluid but can also be used along with all of the mentioned remedies for pain relieve especially in the night at bed time.
  • Chewing gum and yawning action helps to contract the muscles, thereby opening up the eustachian tube. This is very effective in curing earache caused by changes in pressure.
  • Take vitamin C to help strengthen your immune system and don’t allow wax build up, get rid of it by taking a hot shower because it softens the wax.
  • Mix one finely chopped garlic clove with half finely cut fresh mullein leaf and add  cup of olive oil in  sealed jar. Keep in sunlight for 10 days, when it turns a slightly yellowish brown colour, strain the oil into another container and add melaleuca or tea tree oil. Apply four drops of this mixture into the affect area and leave for 10 mins before rinsing.



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