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Hurting Knees After Running

| June 29, 2012

Due to the complicated nature of the joint, hurting knees after running could be quite a common condition of the knees. Each knee joint contains four bones, cartilages, tendons and ligaments. The knees bear all the body weight when we’re standing, walking or running. While running, the joints from the knees undergoes twisting, straightening, bending, etc. Such motions with the joints get them to be susceptible to either acute injury or overuse injury. Thus we can easily say that this knees hurt after running in an event where the underlying structure sustains some type of injury.

Why do Knees Hurt After Running?

One of many reasons cause behind knee pain after running is a disease known as runner’s knee. This is a result of muscular imbalance in the legs and feet. During running, the knee cap should maintain the balance of one’s strides. If there is an imbalance in the muscles in the legs and feet, then your knee cap moves sideways after which its back rubs resistantly against the femur or thigh bone. Because of this, the cartilage surrounding the knee cap becomes irritated and give rise to pain after running. It might be accompanied by swelling and inflammation on the area.

Inflammation in the tendon that connects the knee cap while using lower area of the leg may occur when there’s an overuse owing to running long distances. Such an injury can bring about pain and stiffness in areas that lies slightly below the knee cap. Sometimes, it might lead to tendonitis. The cartilage present in the knees behave as shock absorbers that may get torn by twisting from the knee while running.

Treatment for Knee Pain After Running

Such a painful condition of the knees can usually be treated with the help of conservative treatments. All such activities that puts additional number of pressure within the knees must be suspended temporarily. Putting ice on the affected area will have a soothing effect, when there’s knees pain after running. Keep a wet towel in the freezer up to an hour or so. Wrap it round the affected knees for 20 minutes. At night during bed time, apply heating pads on the affected area to eliminate the pain to some degree. If the pain is severe, then anti-inflammatory medicines is often taken after consulting a health care professional. Do not take tablets on empty stomach.



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