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Jaw Bone Pain Causes

| May 29, 2012

A large amount of jaw bone pain is usually defined under temporomandibular joint disorders. Temporomandibular joint or TMJ is a jaw joint which is responsible for the movement of the jaw while eating or talking. Any problem affecting this joint will result to difficulty or discomfort while eating or talking, thereby leading to a condition known as temporomandibular joint disorder and jaw bone pain is one of the symptoms of this condition. On the other hand, TMJ disorder isn’t the sole reason for discomfort within the jaw bone. Here’s some of the information on other causes.

Causes Of Jaw Bone Pain

Accident or Trauma

A physical trauma particularly when driving a car or an accident experienced when participating in sporting activities such as football, baseball and other similar activities may lead to jaw bone pain. Even more, a trauma affecting the face or jaw should not be eliminated on account of a physical assault or an industrial accident, they can equally cause jaw pain.


Bruxism is the word for teeth grinding, which could easily lead to tenderness as well as a painful sensation within the jaw and if it generally occurs during sleep, it’s called sleep bruxism. This is normally a temporary trigger of jaw pain and doesn’t last for long

Joint Disorders

Arthritis which concentrates on joints, is as well among factors behind pain affecting jaw bones. Arthritis is the terminology provided for several conditions which causes damage to the joints of the body. The most typical within all of them is often osteoarthritis. This is a degenerative joint disease, which plagues the elderly or old people, it can also originate as a result of joint infection or a serious damage affecting the joint. jaw joint may be affected due to jaw bone pain, Just like the way your knees and elbows could be affected by arthritis



Certainly, pain within the jaw bone is a very common symptom associated with TMJ disorders, TMJ is the jaw joint attaching to the lower jaw. Generally TMJ isn’t just one particular disorder, it is really a coverage expression for disorders related to this particular joint, allied muscles and ligaments. Therefore, virtually any disorder to this joint will generate jaw pain. Like pressure on the jaw area, displaced disk within the jaw and some other factors trigger TMJ which results to jaw joint pain.

Dental Disorders

Dental disorders are often associated with jaw pain, this is common for majority of people who have had a dental treatments. This could make visiting the dentist dreadful for most people but it still remains a necessary procedure for maintaining healthy teethes.


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