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Jaw Pain After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

| June 12, 2012

Jaw Pain After Wisdom Tooth Extraction isn’t an extremely unusual problem which individuals deals with today. The tooth extraction is common procedure in the field of dentistry. One of many typical problems which patients deal with together, will be the discomfort that comes with wisdom tooth extraction. Some of the causes of the pain associated with wisdom tooth extraction is discussed below.

Causes of Jaw Pain After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth may be removed due to a wide range of factors. These factors includes severe cavities, if the teeth is infected and it’s ignored or not treated, the infection might spread from the teeth to the jaw bone. When this is the case, it normally results to wisdom teeth swelling because of the infection present in the bone. This type of infection normally takes time to heal and during the recovery process there will be signs of swelling, jaw pain and this can be very discomforting.

Another factor that causes jaw pain after wisdom tooth extraction is eruption of the wisdom tooth in an unwanted position in the dental arch. When a wisdom tooth erupts, it means that all the other teeth in the arch have also erupted, fixing their position in the dental arch. But, when wisdom tooth erupt, there might not be enough space for them in the dental arch, resulting to severe wisdom teeth pain during the eruption of the tooth.  In cases where the wisdom tooth is partially impacted, extraction is usually very traumatic due to the fact that it requires drilling of the bone and removing all or parts of it. When this happens, the bone surrounding the tooth region becomes inflammated due to the traumatic nature of the extraction, thereby leading to difficulty in opening of the mouth and jaw pain after wisdom tooth extraction. This also delays the recovery process of the wisdom tooth.

 Management of Jaw Pain After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

There is always a slight jaw pain felt when the anesthesia begins to wear off. when this is the case, there’s always prescribe pain killers or relievers from your dentist that can help ease the pain. However, one should always expect¬† jaw pain after wisdom tooth extraction, especially when it’s a traumatic extraction. There’s also extra tooth extraction care that can help relieve the pain, if you follow the instructions properly.


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