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Jaw Pain Causes

| June 13, 2012

Jaw pain could be the result of a large selection of healthcare issues, a lot of which may be rapidly addressed with a trip to a physician or even dentist. People should seek medical assistance for jaw pain, because a few conditions can grow a lot worse when they’re not addressed. Some of the factors that cause or create jaw pain are discussed below.

 Types of Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is divided into 2 types: primary as well as secondary depending on the cause. Primary jaw pain may be the result of a disorder that involves the jaw, whilst secondary jaw pain is the result of a condition somewhere else within your body that could cause pain towards the jaw. Primary jaw pain can be generally treatable by a dental professional, a maxillofacial surgeon, or a good ear, nasal area, and throat (ENT) physician, whilst secondary pain may need the help of a specialist within another healthcare industry.

Causes of Jaw Pain

  • Trauma towards the jaw is surely an example of primary jaw pain, for instance a broken jaw  can result to an excruciating pain felt around the jaw, trauma on the jaw can also be caused by bruxism or clenching of the teeth.
  • An abscess, tumor, or infection inside the jaw could also result in jaw pain.
  • Dental troubles are an additional cause of pain in the jaw as well as mouth area. Tooth decay or a damaged teeth and a tooth which have been presently pulled out of alignment can equally cause pain towards the jaw, for instance. Recuperation from dental surgery or teeth fillings may be related to jaw pain, serious gingivitis and gum bacterial infections may result to jaw pain.
  • bone spurs, bony outgrowths around the jaw which common among old people and this causes a substantial amount pain inside the jaw region.
  • Arthritis and Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) can also lead to jaw pain.
  • Sinus bacterial infections can lead to jaw pain, the same as hearing infections, due to the pressure within the ears as well as sinus tooth decay.
  • Migraines are also related to jaw pain, particularly when a migraine patient grinds their tooth due to the pain.
  • scurvy as well as Caffey’s disease result to an inflammation within the bone fragments an around the jaw.
  • Inflamed glands inside the throat may cause jaw pain as well as tenderness, just like another condition which is  phosphorus necrosis, also called phossy jaw.


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