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Jaw Pain When Chewing

| June 15, 2012

Jaw pain when chewing can be extremely uncomfortable, the pain felt can cause a great deal of discomfort to an individual, of course, one who haven’t felt this kind of pain would not know how extremely fortunate he/she is. There are a number of factors that cause jaw pain when chewing and it’s important for one to be familiar with these factors.

TMJ Disorders

Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ disorders) is a disorder that affected the muscles and joints of the lower jaw. The lower jaw is attached to the skull, and TMJ disorders occurs to muscles connecting to the lower jaw. For this reason jaw pain when chewing is excruciatingly painful and makes a person seem like one’s head is burning. The temporomandibular joints exist on sides of one’s face, and they are located just underneath the ears.

Causes of Jaw Pain When Chewing

The causes of temporomandibular disorders is not very well known. You’ll find instances where the causes can’t be ascertained and even when causes are known, the details still can’t be explained. Some of the causes of jaw pain when chewing.

• Stress
• Orthodontic braces
• Tooth grinding
• Bad Posture
• Arthritis
• Dislocated jaw
• Jaw Fracture
• Structural defect since birth
• An external blow of extreme force

Each time one’s feeling pain in jaw when chewing, it’s probably a clear case of temporomandibular disorder. These disorders affects the new teeth, muscles from the jaw, neck and face, ligaments which are located nearby, nerves, bloodstream along with the cartilage disk with the joint.

Signs and symptoms of Jaw Pain When Chewing

One symptoms of jaw pain when chewing is, the intense pain felt on the jaw when chewing. Most time people neglect this feeling except when the pain gets intensely massive would they actually react and take it serious. Below are few symptoms associated with jaw pain when chewing.
• Earache
• Headache
• Jaw tenderness
• Pain with a backlash
• Clicking sound when opening mouth
• Difficulty in opening mouth
• Difficulty in chewing
• Excruciating pain felt on the lower area of the back of the head



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