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Jaw Pain When Opening Mouth

| May 29, 2012

Jaw pain when opening mouth can be a painful situation that should be handled as an urgent situation. Whether eating or talking, we are regularly making use of our mouth and jaws. There are specific problems that may cause jaw pain when opening mouth. These problems might be related dental issues or can occur as a result of systemic conditions. Here  are the different causes and therapies for pain in jaw when opening mouth.

Causes and Treatments for Jaw Pain When Opening Mouth

Wisdom Teeth Infection
Probably the most frequent reason for pain in jaw when opening mouth is wisdom tooth infection. This usually occurs as a result of oral cavities. Each time a wisdom tooth gets infected, then this caries advances at an extremely fast rate, since it’s not so easy to maintain good oral cleaning due to the fact that the wisdom tooth region is fairly hard to access. This  Leads to inflammation in the wisdom teeth, which often causes jaw pain when opening mouth. Apart from pain felt within the jaw while opening there’s also a  limit to the opening of the mouth. The therapy for such cases will include treating the wisdom tooth or extracting it. Anti- biotics should be used to limit the infection.

TMJ Dysfunction

Another source of jaw pain when opening mouth is often a temporomandibular joint disorder. A temporomandibular joint disorder happens when the bones that articulate between your jaw and also the skull are badly affected. There are several conditions which could affect the temporomandibular joint, like arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc. Sometimes, also an ear infection can result to radiating pain around the jaw. There might be other conditions that will bring about pain within the jaw region, like trauma, stress, constant teeth grinding, etc. Trauma, could be direct or indirect and usually cause jaw pain when opening mouth. The pain is gone when the main cause is treated.

Muscular Disorder

Yet another reason behind pain when opening the mouth may be the existence of a muscular disorder. In some cases, there the muscles of the jaw are extremely unyielding making it extremely difficult to open and close the mouth, this limits opening of the mouth. Anyone could possibly have jaw pain when opening mouth. The treatment for this conditions will include giving muscle relaxants and performing specific jaw exercises to gradually train the muscles to come out of its contracted situation.

Other Causes

There are other numerous causes which could bring about some level of jaw pain on opening the mouth. There are lots of systemic conditions that will also bring about pain in the mouth and jaw region when opening the mouth. Such as tetanus, strychnine poisoning, tonsillitis, mumps, cancrum oris, peritonsillar abscess, scleroderma, fits, etc. These are all systemic conditions that affect the jaw or muscles of the jaw.


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