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Knee Pain When Bending

| May 29, 2012

Knee pain when bending could restrict one’s mobility a whole lot. Even the most simple activity seem like a huge task. The knee joint is a hinge joint, which works very much like a hinge for a door, allowing backward and forward movement. Knee joints are the largest and heaviest hinge joints present in one’s body. Apart from forward movement and backward, the knee joints also bend, straighten, twist and rotate. This is precisely the reason, why maximum number of injuries occurs to this joint. Back to knee pain when bending and causes of knee pain

Causes of Knee Pain

There are different factors that trigger knee pain. The most common cause of knee pain is injury to the knee. It could be due to a fall or a mishap. We usually engage in activities we like regularly. As an example, if you run often, without giving sufficient volume of rest for a knee joint, it can bring about knee pain in the form of chondromalacia. Sudden body movements like turning, stopping, pivoting, especially when engaging in a sporting activity are all among factors that cause knee pain. Awkward landings from jumping could cause an impact on the knee and give rise to knee pain. And finally, degeneration resulting from aging also causes knee pain

Knee Pain When Bending

You can find soft layers of cartilages , which acts like cushions between the femur and tibia. Any damage caused to this cartilages causes pain, particularly when bending. The pain is severe, when there is serious pressure involving the patella and femur. This usually occurs, any time a lot of load is put on a bent knee. The normal positions that induces pressure on bent knees are getting up and down a stair case, sitting on a chair, squatting, sitting cross legged and kneeling. Knee pain when bending, is very commonly seen in young ladies, as compared to men.


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