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Kneecap Pain When Kneeling

| June 20, 2012

Kneecap pain when kneeling, can be extremely painful occasionally. The sharp kneecap pain is really miserable and irritating. There are various possibilities of having kneecap pain when bending. This discomfort is also experienced while climbing the stairs. Let’s find the causes of kneecap pain when bending the knees.

Causes of Kneecap Pain when Kneeling

Injury on the Ligaments
The knees consist of four ligaments, which futher consists of two collateral ligaments. Out of the two collateral ligaments, one ligament can be found outside of the knees and the other is found on the inside. Another two ligaments, apart from the four, stretches from the bottom of the thigh bone, across each other. A tear in any one of these ligaments causes severe pain in the knees, which worsens whenever you try to bend the knees.

Injury on the Tendons

Injury on the tendons is referred to as tendonitis and is caused as a result of an irritation and inflammation of one of the many tendons. Such type of injury is usually experienced in athletes like runners, cyclists and skiers. This inflammation occurs in the patellar tendon, which is coupled to the quadriceps in the top of the thigh. Tendonitis exhibits a serious symptom of pain while jumping, kneeling and squatting. Often, there may be an inability to bend the knees.

Knee Bursitis

Knee bursitis is one of the cause of kneecap pain when kneeling. Bursae is a little sac of fluid which acts as cushion for the knee joint. Due to this cushioning, the tendons plus the ligaments glide smoothly above the joint. This may lead to swelling, redness, pain (which is felt even while resting) and pain worsens when you kneel, climb the steps or fall on the stairs. In severe cases, this inflammation could cause fever.

Iliotibial Band syndrome

This syndrome is often seen in long distance runners. Iliotibial band syndrome can result to kneecap pain when kneeling. A ligament that extends through the outer side of the pelvic bone becomes tight enough to rubbed up against the femur. (Femur is the largest bone in our body, which extends to the pelvic region of your thighs). This causes the ligament to inflame and cause discomfort and pain while kneeling. This will also result to burning pain in knees.



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