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Kneecap Pain When Running

| June 21, 2012

When people experience kneecap pain when running, some tend to ignore it for your first few days and for some it would normally disappear. But when you do not notice any improvement in kneecap pain when running till next 3 days, it can be as a result of long-term running injury which is commonly deemed runner’s knee. This occurs as the backside of your knee cap rubs together constantly on the femur. You would usually experience pain below the kneecap, pain on the sides in the kneecap, swelling of your knee, cracking sound while running, temporary loss in function and severe pain after running over the hill should you have a runner’s knee.

Causes of Kneecap Pain when Running

The end of our kneecap is triangle shaped, and other points of it fits in a grove in the lower section of femur. The kneecap moves along while we run. Whether or not this moves laterally while we run, the rear of the kneecap will rub contrary to the femur further causing kneecap pain when walking and running. This laterally movement of kneecap usually happens because of imbalance in feet and quads. This can also be caused as a result of weak quadriceps and extremely strong hamstrings producing an imbalance in kneecap movement. The weaker quadriceps becomes unable to provide the necessary support to your knee cap resulting in twisting and pulling of your knee cap. Foot imbalance that may happen resulting from sudden increase in speed or running over uneven surfaces, can disturb the kneecap movements creating the pain.

Other factors that leads to knee pain while running is an increase in quadriceps angle. The ordinary quadriceps angle, generally known as the ‘q angle’ is below 12 degrees, if it should be above 15 degrees, it’s abnormal. An abnormal q angle is usually a result of weak vastus medialis, weak quadriceps muscles, tight hamstrings , foot imbalance, wide hips, etc. Overuse is also one of many causes of kneecap pain when running.

Treatments for Kneecap Pain when Running

First thing you must do is stop running or another activities that should put strain on the knee for a few days when you experience this. You can apply cold packs on your knees for A 15 mins about 3-4 times each day to reduce swelling and pain. You may also opt for a patellar stabilizing brace that helps in keeping the kneecap in the best position. It may also help reduce the stress as well as relieving knee pain. Remember that these braces really need to fit rightly in order to be beneficial to you.



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