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Lunges and Knee Pain

| June 25, 2012

Lunges and knee pain often go  together when the proper techniques are not adhered to. This is an effective stretching exercise mainly because it works an entire set of muscular tissues in the leg, which is really beneficial for one warming up to undertake weight training. However, it is important to perform the lunges exercise in the correct manner or using the right techniques. Due to large number of muscles getting worked, the likelihood of one of these muscle tissues getting damaged is much.

The knee ligaments are possibly the ligaments at the greatest risk while performing lunges. The exercise necessitates the individual to bend their legs with a great amount of strain, this adds a lot of strain around the knees. Many people often complain about lunges and knee pain due to this.

Lunges Knee Pain

Lunges workout exercises for strengthening the thighs plus the buns in particular. Many men and women also perform lunges for a warm up before they start their workout. But in some instances, you may hear a popping noise originating from your knee, when bending forwards to complete your lunges. This is not abnormal, and it also does not mean that you’ve got a problem in the knees. A lot of people experience this, and yes it is nothing to be alarmed about. In certain cases though, the popping sound comes with a certain amount of pain, and this is certainly enough reason to be alarmed. When you are experiencing lunges knee pain it can mean 1 out of 2 things – either your performing the lunges incorrectly or you have bad knees.

For anyone who is performing the lunges incorrectly, you’ll need to change the way in which your performing them in your immediate future. Here are some suggested modifications to suit your needs, but you need to know that these modifications will not likely work perfectly for everyone. If you cannot discover a suitable strategy to perform these lunges without feeling pain, then stop doing them completely.

Assisted lunges – You ought to hold on to a wall or even a chair when performing the lunges, and this also reduces the degree of weight that the knees and legs ought to support.

 Smaller range – It’s essential to lower your body only halfway, in comparison to doing what you use to do. The load on your knees will now be lesser because than before.

Elevated foot – Elevating your front foot by staying on an elevated surface (similar to a stair) will likely help you reduce the burden on the knees.



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