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Meniscus Pain

| July 2, 2012

Meniscus pain is a result of different knee injury  which usually occurs when one engages in sporting activities. The knee is a very delicate joint in our own body. It forms a vital connection involving the thigh bones and the lower section of the leg. Being the epicenter of varied activities, knee joint is vulnerable to various common knee injuries. Meniscus pain occurs as a consequence of tearing of meniscus cartilage. In general terminology, meniscus tear is known as torn cartilage. Athletes and sports players often experience these kind of torn muscles and cartilages, while practicing or playing matches.

Structure and Function from the Meniscus

In basic form, meniscus can be said to be a pad that is fixed between the femur (thigh bone) and the tibia (the bone of calf). The two main wedge shaped menisci (plural sort of meniscus) is situated in the two knees. The two main menisci are found within the inner and outer side of your knee joints. The medial menisci is known as the C shaped meniscus plus the outer meniscus is often known as the O-shaped meniscus. Let’s take a look at the functions


  • Meniscus acts as shock absorber thus preventing the knee joints from jumping or jerking suddenly.
  • It distributes extra weight evenly and prevents excess pressure within the knees.
  • The movements in the meniscus area contribute in lubrication of your knees.
  • Meniscus helps in maintaining proper coordination in movements of femur and tibia.


Symptoms of Meniscus Pain


A wound in the knee area could potentially cause problems in the running of meniscus. Below are some signs of meniscus pain.


  • Radiating pain in the knee joint, knee cap and knee area.
  • Pain when walking, climbing stairs and running.
  • Difficulty in knee movement (extending from the knees).
  • Hardness and inflexibility in surrounding area of the knees.


Meniscus pain is often felt when doing normal daily activities like walking, jogging and running. In the 1st stages of the meniscus pain, the individual won’t experience pain generally. He might feel the pain when walking fast, climbing the steps or with a bit of strenous activities. However, in the later stages the pain could be felt easily when doing simple things.




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