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Outer Ear Pain

| June 6, 2012

Outer ear pain is caused by problems related to the outer ear, this can come in form of an infection or trauma to the outer ear. It is a common symptom which can be suffered by anyone, this pain can be mild or intense depending on the particular cause of the problem. The pain often gets worse if it is touched or tugged, some of the cause of outer ear pain are discussed below.

Causes of Outer Ear Pain

Some of the common causes of outer ear pain includes

Otitis Externa

This is an infection in the outer ear or ear canal due to fungus or bacteria. This occurs when there is a trapped fluid in the ear maybe after swimming or taking a shower, it is known as the swimmers ear. bacteria or fungus mutiply’s in the trapped fluid leading to an infection. This is common in children.

Trauma to the Ear

A trauma to the outer ear like bruising, cuts or fractures can cause outer ear pain. scratching the ear with sharp objects and cotton bud can cause skin abrasion, this can lead to abscess formation and infection which can cause ear pain. Another trauma that can cause ear pain is mandibular fracture or fracture of the lower jaw.

Blockage in the Ear Canal

When there is a blockage in the ear canal due to cerumen impaction or build up, it can result to pain in the outer ear. In children the ear canal can be blocked due to foreign objects in the ear.

Treatment for Outer Ear Pain

The treatment depends on the cause of the pain, sometimes other symptoms like itching, redness of ear, swelling, discharge of pus, temporary hearing loss is accompanied with ear pain. The cause can be determined by the physican by proper examination and checking the symptoms.

There are different treatment options like mediactions, antibiotics and ear drops for ear pain caused by ear infections. Anti-fungal medications for ear pain caused by fungus and if inflammation is present, steroidal drugs are added. If the ear pain is cause by wax build in the ear, mineral oil or hydrogen peroxide are used to flush out the ear wax, however it cannot be used on a perforated ear drum. Application of heating pad or warm compress are also recommended for outer ear pain.



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