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Outer Knee Pain

| July 3, 2012

Outer knee pain is often called the lateral knee pain. Outer knee pain could be caused as a result of sprain or an accident. The knee is the most important of all the different hinge joints, so we greatly rely on our knee for the swift movement of our legs. Our capability to climb vertically, walk, run and any other movement can be greatly curtailed when afflicted by an outer knee pain. Sportspeople should really care for their knees to facilitate the swift movements of the legs and considering the fact that they are susceptible to injuries, they must be extremely cautious about their knees. Our knees carry the weight of our own body when we stand, therefore, individuals who are obessed, will also be in a risk for encountering sharp knee pain. Stress, joint problems and overuse are greatly the cause of outer knee pain.

Causes of Outer Knee Pain


Outer knee pain might be caused because of a knee injury. Abrupt movements and sprains may lead to the soreness from the tendons and muscles thereby leading to outer knee pain. Jerky movements might cause the knee to twist in an incorrect position. When this occurs there are signs of swelling and inflammation sometimes.


If you’re obese or overweight, your weight can put more pressures on your knees, making them to be more at a risk of knee injuries. The knees are in a risk since they are carrying extra body fat. Therefore, obese people might experience knee pain while standing. The knees could easily get fatigued and sore resulting from supporting the excess body weight. The excess weight also puts more pressure than normal on the tendons, joints and muscles at the same time, which is a reason for you to experience an outer knee pain even.

Joint Problems

In case you’ve been identified as having knee osteoarthritis or arthritis, your outer knee pain could be plugged into your joint problem. Knee osteoarthritis occurs from the degeneration of cartilage. It is extremely important to reduce the stress on the knee joint. It might be essential to bolster the muscles that support the knee. Arthritis causes inflammation and swelling on the knee joint thereby causing severe outer knee pain. In many cases, bursitis or tendinitis is also reason for knee pain.



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