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Pain Above Knee Cap

| July 5, 2012

Experiecing pain above knee cap is quite common among people. You will probably find that most people near you have been affected by it. The most typical victims are old people and sportspersons. In case, you or someone close to you is experiencing this kind of uncomfortable situation of knee pain, you need to understand its common causes. There are several reasons for pain in knee, particularly above knee cap. This article describes several common causes of sharp pain above knee cap when bending, walking, running and doing a few other activities.

Causes of Pain Above Knee Cap

Knee Injury: The knee generally gets injured due to a direct physical blow. It may as well get injured by twisting or stretching, when the joint is taken via greater flexibility that it cannot tolerate. In the event of knee being stressed from a particular direction, the ligament will attempt to hold it in place against that force and it might get torn. The twisting injuries can put stress in the cartilage or meniscus may pinches the knee involving the tibial surface as well as the femoral condyle edges and this causes tears. Knee injuries comes with a shooting pain above knee cap.

Intermittent Claudication: Intermittent claudication occurs when walking and eases out when resting. It is comes with aching, tired, cramping, and burning pain in the legs. The pain is inconsistent with movement and rest respectively. It is the result of poor blood circulation in the arteries supplying blood to the legs. In a serious case of claudication, pain is felt even when resting. Intermittent claudication may affect either knees, and it’s also often constant with the aggravate over time. Many patients suffering from this particular disorder complain only of weakness in the legs while walking. However, intermittent claudication can create impotency. Intermittent claudication is among the list of common causes of pain above knee cap when squatting, walking, etc.

Osteoarthritis: The consistent disorder within the joints which is the result of a gradual lack of cartilage, thereby creating the roll-out of bony spurs and cysts along the edges of your joints is termed as osteoarthritis. It is generally known as osteoarthrosis and  a degenerative joint disease (DJD). It is the result of the deterioration within the cartilage which provides protective cushion between bones. The cushioning is particularly crucial for weight-bearing joints including the knees and hips. If this disorder progresses, pain occurs because of deformation in the bones and accumulation of fluid in the joints.

Peripheral Neuropathy: Peripheral neuropathy is the malfunctioning of the nerves beyond your spine. It is accompanied by numbness, burning pain, weakness and decrease of reflexes. It maybe the result of a disorder for example traumatic injuries, metabolic problems, infections and contact with toxins. It could be brought on by several diseases and disorders together with diabetes, kidney failure, medication effect, vitamin deficiency, etc. Pain killers may comein handy in easing the knee pain when bending and performing other movements.


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