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Pain Above Knee

| July 4, 2012

A feeling of pain above the knee means there’s a problem which the knees. The knees are joints connecting the reduced area of the legs to the thighs. The knee cap is among the largest and quite a few complicated joints in the skin. The knee props up entire weight of your body and for that reason, the knees are given injury along with other knee problems. Knee pain, especially pain above knee plagues people all ages, mostly athletes or sports persons, employees and homemakers. Pain above knee is often experienced in runners, it is often known as runners knee or patellofemoral pain syndrome.


Pain Above Knee: Causes


Arthritis: The redness on the knee joints could potentially cause severe knee pain. This pain, resulting from arthritis, occurs from stiffness in the joints that will worsen because of over exertion or stress.


Chrondomalacia Patellae: Chrondomalacia patellae is a common condition which occurs when there is softening of the cartilage on the knee cap. The softening with the knee cap puts pressure to the small area around the knee cap that may trigger pain even though there is a little movement. This issue usually affects those people who are above 40 yrs old.


Displacement of your Knee Cap: Displacement or dislocation within the knee cap is caused by excess pressure or higher exertion on the knee cap. A dislocated kneecap is the end result of the knee cap rubbing contrary to the thigh bone. The pain caused by this condition usually occurs above or center of your knee. Anyone may experience pain above knee when squatting.


Muscle Pull: Occasionally, the muscles across the knee are inclined to get pulled as a result of bad posture or sprain, thereby causing a dull, aching pain above knee. If your pain continues more than one week, it is a sign of a serious condition which could require prompt medical help.

Tendinitis: Tendinitis is a common condition where tendons in the knee get inflamed or strained. The signs and symptoms of tendinitis are swelling including a feeling of stiffness in joints of the knee. If pain above knee is experienced continuously for over a month, it may perhaps be the symptoms of rheumatism.


Other Causes: Other causes of pain above knee are obesity, injury or trauma caused by a crash or rigorous sport, overuse or stress of the joint and aging.



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