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Pain Behind Knee

| July 6, 2012


Pain behind Knee is often annoying as it may affect your daily activities like sitting, standing, walking and even when sleeping. The knees bear the whole weight of one’s body and they also offer the basic movements of one’s legs like bending, kneeling, stretching, etc. If mild but constant knee pain is not treated, it could cause severe complications later.

Pain Behind Knee: Causes

  • Pain behind knee are closely related to bakers cyst behind knee. The cyst is generated as a result of weakening within the lining of th knee joint. Baker’s cyst is a non-malignant growth that is typically observed in runners and tennis players.
  • Arthritis, both rheumatism and osteoarthritis results especially due to the formation of Baker’s cyst, causing unbearable pain behind knee.
  • Numerous things can cause pain behing knee, for example, a tear in your meniscus or ligaments, a little minor tear within the cartilage’s surface can result in pain behind knee.
  • Trauma/ injury or fracture when performing a sporting activity or an accident could create pain behind knee.
  • Obesity could also be the reason for pain behind knee because the knees are carrying excessive body weight.
  • Fault in the structural alignment, aging, overuse of joint could also result in pain behind knee.


Pain Behind Knee: Treatment

  • Hot packs or ice packs, ointments, herbal balms, etc. can certainly help relieve the pain.
  • Avoiding strenous activities, that may put pressure around the knees or within the knee region, in order to help relieve pain fast. Sufficient rest on the knee is needed to relax the joints and ligaments.
  • Stretches, exercises, swimming, walking for a while, are recommended for effective relieve of leg pain behind knee and to also strengthen the knee muscles preventing this kind of pain in the near future.


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