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Pain Behind the Ear

| June 5, 2012

A sharp pain behind the ear can be quite uncomfortable or unpleasant. This could be caused by many factors either acute or minor. This pain could come of as severe or intense depending on the cause and it should not be neglected, to avoid further complication.

Symptoms of Pain Behind the Ear

The main symptom is a sharp pain behind the ear, it can be accompanied by fever if it’s a more serious case.  Pain behind the ear is a clear sign of ear infection which are accompanied by symptoms like irritabilitiy, impatience or fussiness. This feeling can be understandable for someone living in a constant pain. The solution to this situation can be something trivial like getting rid of the accumulated ear wax or it can be something complicated, that needs the help of a doctor to be treated. If you visit your doctor, there are certain questions you should be prepared to answer like

  • When the swelling started? (If the ear is swollen)
  • If you feel tenderness in the jaw area and if it’s making a cracking noise when you open your mouth?
  • If you feel any trapped fluid in your ear?
  • If  your suffering from toothache on the same side of your face?
  • If you are having a fever?
  • If the pain is deep inside or on the outside of the ear?
  • If there is sign of any fluid dripping from your ear?
  • if the pain behind the ear is like that of a headache?
  • If the bone behind the ear feels tender when touched?

The answers given to the doctor will help determine the cause of the pain behind the ear

Causes of Pain Behind Ear

Once the examination is completed by the doctor, the cause can now be determined. There are different problems that can cause pain behind the ear like

  • You might be suffering from Mastoiditis, this is an infection of the bone that is found behind the ear due to an enlarged lymph node.
  • You might be suffering from Otitis Externa, popularly known as  swimmer’s ear, this is also an infection of the ear canal.
  • If jaw pain is associated with the pain behind ear, then your suffering from Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Syndrome.
  • If  it’s caused by common cold or flu, your Eustachian tube might be blocked and this could lead to pain and discomfort behind the ear.
  • A tooth problem can also be related to pain behind the ear in some cases.
  • You could have a severe case of Barotrauma, this condition is caused when there’s sudden change in the altitude, especially when taking a flight.
  • You might be suffering from otitis Media, this is an infection which occurs in the middle ear.
  • You might be suffering from an infection in the ear canal, the outer ear or on the skin surrounding the ear.
  • You might a have damaged or ruptured your eardrum.

Whatever is the cause, it can be treated with the right treatment option, which will be determined by the doctor. All you have to do is visit your doctor immediately you start feeling pains behind your back to avoid it getting more complicated.



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