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Pain in Back of the Knee

| July 6, 2012

Pain in back of the knee can be very uncomfortable and can restrict your daily routine. The knee is section of the lower leg which helps in bending and straightening the tibia bone. The knee joint is an effective hinge joint which could also twist and rotate. This is just about the most common pain suffered by most people. There are many factors that cause knee problems which affects people around the globe. Pain in the back of the knee is perhaps the most common complaint for some.

Causes of Pain in Back of the Knee

Unexpected injury, overuse on the knee joint, a fundamental condition or natural usage could potentially cause knee pain. some of the causes are discussed below.
Baker’s Cyst

Baker’s cyst or popliteal synovial cyst could cause posterior knee pain. The posterior herniation in the synovial membrane can result to formation of cyst. Baker’s cyst behind knee usually indicates presence of meniscal tear or osteoarthritis just as one underlying condition.

Hamstring Injury

Semimembranosus, semitendinosus, and also the biceps femoris include things like the hamstring. Bicep femoris is very prone to injury, weakness in muscles can also cause pain in back of your knee. Therapy for pain in back of the knee can sometimes include putting on ice compress, NSAIDs, physiotherapy for strengthening muscles, exercises for knee pain and plenty of rest.

Meniscus Injury

Once the posterior horn with the medial meniscus has a tear it’s going to cause pain in back of the knee. You will hear a popping or clicking sound while squatting. The meniscus tear treatment is surgery. Using surgery the meniscus is repaired by securing the tear cartilage with bidoabsorbable tacks. These tacks get absorbed into the body within 36 months.


This is the most common cause of knee pain. This condition causes one to experience  anterior knee pain and pain above the joint line where the tibia is connected to the femur.  The uneven nature of the cartilage can also bring about pain in back of the knee.


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