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Pain in Thigh and Knee

| July 7, 2012

A serious pain in thigh and knee can greatly affect and restrict movements and daily activites. The knee and upper thigh joint are one of the most vital joints of the body and is responsible for movement and flexiblity of the legs, in addition to that it carries the body weight. When there is too much stress in this joints it can result to serious pain in thigh and knee.

Causes of Pain in Thigh and Knee

The cartilage in the knee and hip joints stops the thigh bone from being rubbed against other bones present in the joints. Osteoarthritis is a physical disease that causes degeneration of such cartilages. Therefore, the joints becomes stiff or painful because of the friction that occur relating to the bones. Old people are typically impacted by this condition. Bursa is a fluid filled sac present in the joints in the body and facilitate cushioning within the bones. Inflammation within the bursa in the knees and thigh is called bursitis, which gives pain above the knee and thigh. This pain is experienced at night time which intensifies in some specific sleeping positions.

The thigh muscles can suffer injury as a result of overuse or from a strenuous physical exercise. Consequently, muscle fibers can get mild pulls or minor tears resulting to a sharp intense muscle pain that affect both thigh and the knee. The most prevalent, of this condition is trauma felt on the hamstring muscles running from your buttock area on the knees. Athletes are usually affected by hamstring injury, this is often caused by over stretching of their steps while running. Fracture in the thigh bone can provide this type of pain too. It may possibly happen on account of traumatic injury like bad fall. Sometimes, old people get fracture because of degeneration of bone structure that comes with aging.

Pain in Thigh and Knee Treatment

The most important method in thigh and knee pain treatment is adequate amount of rest. This will likely create enough time for the injury to heal on its very own. Moreover, it cuts down on the chances of further injury and aggravation of the thigh pain. Ice application is a very good way for lowering the pain and inflammation in the spot. In cases, where the pain is unbearable, taking prescribed pain relivers is an effective pain management technique. Stronger dose of pain relieving medicines or cortisone injections are prescribed by doctors to eliminate severe pain. For severe cases of osteoarthritis may need joint replacement surgery. Worst cases of sciatica needs surgery too where herniated disc is surgically removed.


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