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Pain Relief Magnet For Arthritis Pain Relief

| June 10, 2012

We cannot say for sure where magnets were first discovered but it seems that they were discovered in either China or Greece. But magnets’ have been used in traditional Chinese Medicine dating back to 2600BC. Even in the Vedas, 1500 BC, loadstone has been mentioned for healing.

Nowadays pain relief magnets containing iron, boron and neodymium can be used to relief pain from various parts of the body. This magnet is specifically called the neodymium magnet. It is very small but very powerful for example a neodymium magnet of 8000 gauss just weighs 20 gm.

Can we prove that magnetic bracelets and other magnetic devices reduce pain of arthritis?  Regrettably there is no definite evidence to suggest that magnets are advantageous. The British Medical Journal in 2004 published a trial to check whether magnetic bracelets will reduce pain in osteoarthritis of the knee and hip. It was seen that patients wearing the bracelets felt reduction in pain but was it solely because of the bracelet was uncertain.

The truth is that today more and more people have started wearing these bracelets increasing the sales of magnetic products significantly. We cannot say for sure that this is because the patients are actually benefiting from using it or are simply getting influenced by the ever so influential media. Anyways there is no harm in using these bracelets and if there is no affect, it can always be taken off. There are some arthritis patients who have benefitted to such an extent that they refuse to take the magnets of whereas some found no benefit at all.

Pain relief magnets simply increase oxygen carrying capacity of blood which allows faster recovery from injuries and this method has successfully been used in horses whereby injured horses are fitted with magnets to get them back on the track in no time at all.

Conventional medicines disagree with the concept of pain relief magnet being any benefit for arthritis. However there has been tremendous improvement in patients after wearing these magnets to deny the importance of this magnet completely. It has even been successful in arthritic pets whose conditions improved significantly after wearing magnetic collars.

Dr Lawson,a GP in UK, discovered that there was improvement in the comfort of his patients’ lives after wearing magnetic bracelets but the placebo effect cannot be ignore. In New York Medical College, Dr. Michael Weintraub tried magnetic insoles and found pain relief in feet of diabetics with peripheral neuropathy. A Yale University pain expert named Dr. Lloyd Siberski also said that he believed in the healing powers of magnets. A patient of severe arthritis, Carole Barsky in the daily news 1999 reported improvement after wearing the pain relief magnetic bracelet.

Conventional medicines or drugs used to treat arthritis have various side effects and hence the need to research into magnetic therapy for arthritis patients was felt.

Magnets are safe. Everyone except for patients with pacemakers can use them. It will be goo that you shop and find a manufacturer with a 90 day money back Guarantee. This way you can get the bracelet, try it and if ineffective return it but if effective you can reduce the painkillers you take or even stop taking them altogether.



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