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Pulled Groin Muscle in Men

| June 10, 2012

Pulled groin muscle is an injury affecting the groin muscles, the groin muscles is made up of five adductor muscles, which runs from the inner pelvis to the inner part of the thigh bones. They are responsible for movement of the hip joints and pulling back of the legs. Any injury to these muscles can causes discomfort. This is common among athletes and sportspeople, it usually occurs when they do not perform enough warm-up exercises.

Causes of Pulled Groin Muscle in Men

Pulled groin muscles in men are usually due to twisting or blow on the inner thigh, over exertion of the tendons and ligaments, Muscle spasm which occurs when there is not enough oxygen supply to the muscle thereby causing build up of lactic acid and dehydration in the muscles.

Symptoms of Pulled Groin Muscle in Men

The symptoms includes groin pain, difficulty in performing physical activities like walking, feeling of pain when resting and at night,  swelling and bruising, pain when pulling your legs together.

Degrees of Pulled Groin Muscle in Men

The degree of the pull shows the severity of the condition and helps to determine the right treatment to be given. There are three degrees of groin pull.

First Degree (Mild) – this is a mild pull on the groin muscles, mild discomfort is felt and there is no limit of your physical activity, pain is felt when running, walking or there’s a sudden movement. The recovery time is up to 2 weeks.

Second Degree (Moderate) – this is a moderate pull on the groin muscles, more discomfort is felt than that of the first degree. There is a limit to your physical activity, pain in the groin area, bruising and swelling. The recovery time is up to 6 weeks.

Third Degree (Severe) – this is an extreme pull on the groin muscles, it completely hinders your physical activity even the simple ones like lifting a pencil, there is groin and lower back pain, swelling or inflammation, bruising all over the inner thighs, small lumps on torn muscles.

Treament of Pulled Groin Muscle in Men

There are treatment like ice therapy, heat therapy, R.I.C.E (rest, ice,compression, elevation)therapy but the most important is rest. Rest is very vital for the success of any treatment, is good for pain management and fast recovery. Although too much rest will be bad for your muscles, you need to do some muscle stretching exercises to help make the muscles stronger and flexible. This treatment is effective when is the first or second degree groin pull. For third degree groin pull medical attention is required.



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