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Pulled Groin or Hernia

| June 11, 2012

Pulled groin or hernia affects the same body region and share the same symptoms, which makes it difficult for some people to tell them apart. However there is one visible sign in hernia that makes it possible for one to detect it.

In  pulled groin or hernia there are shared symptoms like groin and lower abdominal pain and both also occurs in the same region of the body, however, hernia is accompanied by a visible lump which makes it easily identifiable. These two conditions are commonly found in athletes and sportspeople. These condition can be severe enough to restrict or totally hinder movement, resting along with other treatment option helps the recovery process but surgery might be required for hernia injury.

Pulled Groin Injury

This occurs due to an overuse or excessive strain of the adductor muscles when performing strenuous physical activities. When the adductor muscles are over exerted, it can result to inflammation and discomfort in that region. This condition could also cause a pulled ligament which can make movement a torture and unable to carry out strenuous exercise.

Groin pull are divided into three grade and the third grade is the worst and most extreme type of groin pull which cause intense pain for the affected person, the grade 2 is moderate while 1 is mild and both can be managed effectiviely with the right pain management techniques.

The groin pull treatment option involves R.I.C.E; rest, ice, compression and elevation. Take enough rest and apply ice to the affected area 3 times a day, leaving the ice for 20 mins each time for 2days. Try wearing compression shorts and keeping the affected area slightly elevated all the time.

Hernia Injury

This is a condition where there is a protrusion on a part of the intestine through a perforation on abdominal wall. This creates a visible lump which is very tender to touch. There are different types of hernia like sports hernia which affect athletes, this can be quite painful. This is more serious than groin pull because it often requires hernia repair surgery. Its most obvious symptoms is an intense pain in the groin area and a visible lump. This condition requires immediate medical attention.


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