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Pulled Groin Recovery Time

| June 12, 2012

Pulled groin recovery time is of vital importance to athletes due to the fact that this is a condition common among them. No one not even the doctors can predict the recovery time for a pulled groin. The rcovery time are based on a couple of factors like the severity of the condition, medical history, general fitness level, treatment method adopted and how the person adhere’s to treatment. Groin pull results as an injury on the adducttor muscles due to over exertion of the muscles, this could be in form of a sudden turn or stretch or due to insufficient warm up exercises.

Causes of a pulled groin

The adductor muscles are found in the groin area, they run from the inner pelvis to the inner thigh bones and any problem on this muscles could result to groin pull. There are a number of factors that can lead to this like excessive stretching of the muscle, tear on the muscles, overuse of the muscles, sudden movements or twisting of the muscles, insufficient warm-up exercises before strenuous exercises, physical trauma, poor mechanics when heavy weight lifting. Symptoms of pulled groin includes pain in the groin area, difficulty when doing any physical activity, swelling and bruising of the inner thighs and so on.

Types of groin pull and recovery time

There are three types of groin pull according to the severity of the condition and strain, the recovery time depends on the type of pull. Grade 1 is a minor strain which causes mild discomfort. There are no restriction to physical activities but a mild pain would be felt when doing it. Recovery time is from 2 to 10 days. Grade 2 is a moderate strain which would require bed rest due to the discomfort that comes with it, it limits your physical activities and shows signs of bruising and swelling. Recovery time is up to 6 weeks. Grade 3 is an intense strain which comes with extreme discomfort, it totally restricts your physical activities even really simple ones. It shows signs of bruising and swelling all over the inner thighs, pain when contracting the thigh muscles or pulling your legs together, excruciating groin pain. the recovery time is up to 3 months.



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