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Pulled Groin Recovery

| June 12, 2012

Pulled groin recovery depends on the severity of the condition and how the person adhere’s to the treatments given. Rest is required by most recovery regimes in other for the treatment to be effective, some might even require the patient to undergo physical rehabilitation routine because the recovery process is never complete until the individual starts perfoming normal physical activities without any discomfort, this is due to the risk of relapse when it comes to groin muscle energy. When enough recovery time is not given, the injury may resurface again after some period of time. If this should happen, it usually comes back worser than before, it is essential to get enough rest and allow enough time for the muscles to heal completely.

Groin Pull and Treatment

One needs to understand what groin pull is, in order to take the treatment seriously. Groin pull occurs when there is an injury in the groin muscles known as adductor muscles. These muscles are found connecting from the inner pelvis to the inner thigh bone and helps in pulling backing of the leg, movement of the hip joints and giving stability to the hips. Groin injury is common among athletes and sportspeople. There are three grades of groin pull; the first is mild, with no limit to your physical activities, only mild pain felt when running or climbing stairs. The second is moderate and limits your physcial activities while the third is intense and completely hinders your physical activities both simple ones.


Ice Therapy – apply ice park on the affected area for 20 mins, 3 times a day, for 2 days. This will help restrict blood flow in that area to reduce pain and swelling.

Heat Therapy – for athletes and sportpeople who wants to get back to their normal physical activity, apply heat on the affect area to loosen the area and apply ice when the activity is over.

Stretches – trying doing some stretching exercises to make the muscles stronger and flexible or get the services of a physiotherapist to help you out.

Rest – this is of vital important for the recovery process, enough but not too much rest is need to relax the muscles and relieve pressure, which will quicken the recovery process.


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