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Severe Knee Pain

| July 11, 2012

Severe knee pain are quite uncomfortable especially one that restrict your activities, knee pain however is not an uncommon condition suffered by people. The knees can be a complex plus the largest joint in one’s body. They bear all the weight of your body plus help in its mobility. Knees offer the basic movements of individuals legs like bending, kneeling, arising from your chair, etc. Occasionally, when there is extreme jerk towards knee as a result of improper movements, it can create knee pain. Knee pain are often caused because of a various ailments, injuries or a reason like arthritis. If knee pain is left unnoticed, it could possibly produce severe knee pain, which may be very discomforting.

The signs of Severe Knee Pain

An individual experiencing sudden severe knee pain, can have these symptoms.

  • Inability or pain while walking, usually making anybody limp.
  • A knee pain that doesn’t disappear in a week.
  • The affected area of the knees will swell and pain is triggered even in a slight touch. The true reason for the swelling in the knee, when there no injury, could be on account of arthritis, gout or infection in the joint.
  • The joints get ‘locked’ plus the individual can suffer pain while making a move.
  • A sense of ‘knees giving way beneath’ caused because of tears in the ligament, is another manifestation of severe knee pain.
  • Somebody struggling with knee pain can experience a crunching or grounding sound in the joints of the knees, while moving.
  • A popping sound heard because of a tear in the anterior cruciate ligament or ACL, due to common knee injuries.


Severe Knee Pain Causes

There are lots of known causes of severe knee pain, with injury being the most prevalent cause. The following are a handful of the causes.

  • Arthritis is one reason for such severe knee pain. Anyone affected by arthritis might also experience severe knee pain when bending the knee.
  • Ligament tears and severe knee pain usually affect several athletes and those that do vigorous exercises. This could cause instability and discomfort towards the individual.
  • Another cause of severe knee pain is a dislocated knee cap. Dislocation with the knee cap could also cause chronic knee pain.
  • Other sorts of causes for severe knee pain are Baker’s cyst, patellar tendonitis, cartilage injuries and meniscal tear, etc.


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