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Shooting Pain in Ear

| June 9, 2012

Shooting pain in ear can be caused by series of factors associated or not associated with the ear. This is primary known as earache or otalgia in medical terms. Most ear pain are minor cases and seldomly last three days. This condition is common in children and are rarely experienced by adults except when is a symptom of another disorder. Some of the causes of this condition is discussed below

Causes of Shooting Pain in Ear

There are several problems which relate to shooting pain in ear like, ruptured ear drum and tumors, below are some of the common causes of these.


An allergic reaction can cause the blockage or inflammation of the eustachian tube; this tube connects the throat to the middle ear and balances the pressure between the middle ear and external environment. If there is a blockage or an inflammation in this tube, it can exert pressure on the ear drum leading to shooting pain in the ear. Allergies like allergic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, dander allergy and etc can lead to inflammation of the nasal, ear and lung passages.

Ear Wax

Ear wax in produced in the ear canal to protect it from dust, micro-organisms and harmful substances, the ear wax also helpful in maintaining the pH level in the ear canal. However, when there is an accumulation of ear wax, it can act as a plug in the ear, causing shooting pain in ear.

Outer Ear Infection

This is known as otitis externa or swimmers ear. This occurs when there is trapped fluid in the ear, thereby giving an opportunity for bacteria to grow and cause infection.

Middle Ear Infection

This is known as otitis media and is an infection which occurs in the middle ear. This one of the common cause of shooting ear pain especially at night.

Referred Pain

This is an ear pain which is caused by problem form another part of the body like migraines , thermal laryngitis, sore throat, inflamed sinuses, mumps, blocked eustachian tube, peritonsillar abcess and dental problems.


This is a problem with the circulatory system of the body which is caused by an injury or due to aging. Associated symptoms include ringing or buzzing sound in the ear, noisy sound in the ear and throbbing in ear .



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