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Sprained Knee

| July 1, 2012

A sprained Knee is where a number of ligaments are overstretched, as a result of twisting or pulling. The ligament could possibly be torn or can get ruptured. Ligaments are tissues which put the bones together. Sprains can be a common occurrence during activities. In a sprained knee injury, the affected person will experience knee pain, swelling and bruising of your knee.

Causes of Sprained Knee Ligament

Sprains will often be caused by movements which aren’t normal for the knee. Common factors which causes a sprain in the knee during sports is sudden movement and pivoting. This could also occur when the person is walking or running and suddenly stops to improve direction.

Another cause is hyper-extending the knee, in short, after you straighten your leg a lot more than its normal range of flexibility, this can result in a sprain in the knee. It can also be caused by tripping or falling with the knees bent.

Sprained Knee Symptoms

A sprained¬† knee can restrict movement and one of the symptom which accompanies a sprain is pain or tenderness in the knee. Lots of people could also feel or hear an agonizing “popping sound” in the knee. In the initial few hours following sprain. There is also joint swelling and bruising on the affected area.

Sprained Knee – What to do

Sprained knee treatment includes managing the pain and swelling first. There are four basic step treatment which is often helpful in treating the knee. The 1st on the four steps is rest. Resting the knee is extremely important. It is far better to keep weight off of the knee. If the knee have been given sufficient volume of rest, the swelling with decrease and also provide knee with enough time to heal and recover. The other steps are applying ice parks, using compression on the knee and always keeping the knee elevated.



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