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Using Acupuncture For Arthritis

| August 4, 2012

Acupuncture is form of traditional Chinese medicine that has been practiced and perfected throughout many centuries. The basis of this treatment follows the theory that there are many energy pathways in the body called meridians, which carry energy or the life force known as Qi around the body. When these pathways get blocked this disrupts the harmony in the body, disrupting the Yin and Yang elements that keep the body balanced.

Therefore acupuncture uses fine needles to pierce specific points of the skin, there by clearing up any blocks and restoring balance to the body. Modern acupuncture methods also use light electric current or suction cups to target these specific points as well.

There are various theories as to how acupuncture helps to relieve the body of pain, such as by blocking the pain signals, releasing endorphins which are the body’s natural pain killers and much more.

Studies have been carried out to prove that acupuncture, when carried out by a proper, trained specialist, provides much relief and treatment for its patients. Keep in mind though that it will take time for results to occur.

Studies have also been carried out to find out the amount of time it takes for results to start occurring. On average it takes about six months for the pain relief to kick in, therefore it is better to combine your regular arthritis treatment with acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture treatment may also be costly, as you will require a number of treatments. However acupuncture for arthritis may be covered by you health insurance so check if it is before starting the treatment.


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